Mystic Flow Wellness Center in Gainesville, VA, provides a wide variety of classes for those interested in learning about wellness. Our classes in Yoga, Meditation, EFT Emotional Freedom Technique, TRE®, gratitude meditation, young living product of the month, watercolor and wellness, Qi Gong, baby Care, Meditation for kids, astrology, numerology and many more are designed for every phase of your life and to bring more balance, harmony, and clarity.

Due to limited class space, all classes require pre-registration. 


Flow Yoga

Every Other Monday

Experience the harmony of body and breath in our Flow Yoga class, where you’ll seamlessly transition through yoga poses, promoting flexibility, strength, and relaxation.

6:30pm -7:30pm


Every First Monday of the Month

Each month we meet to discuss different topics while giving each other a safe space to connect, celebrate, meditate, and share our challenges and goals. REMINDER: Bring your meditation cushion.

6:30pm -7:30pm 


Functional Medicine
Sound Bath

Crystal Healing Sound Bath

Every Full and New Moon of the Month

Celebrate yourself and the Full and New Moon by harnessing the transformative energy of the divine through an empowering and immersive crystal sound healing performance.

Alchemize the energy of the Full and New Moon in combination with crystal sound healing to release fear, guilt, worry, and pain in order to attract love, harmony, abundance, and spiritual power. We can use this session to let go of spiritual attachments and illuminate our own gifts.

Sasha creates an expertly cleansed and protected space for all who wish to reflect and gently release what is no longer serving them. When we surrender to the divine through sound healing and meditation, we can heal ourselves and align with our greater purpose.

60 MIN / $50