Rebecca Thompson


  • TRE® Provider
  • Energy Healer
  • Reconnective Healing
  • Reiki
  • Symbolic Jewelry Designer


TRE® Provider / Energy Healer

​I travel extensively getting a world view of multiple countries. I went to schools in Pakistan, Thailand, Switzerland, England, Israel, Philippines and the US. The rich, varied experiences and adventures of crisscrossing the globe instilled in me a deep respect for all cultures, religions and people in all walks of life and circumstances.

I experienced multiple careers as a Business Administrator, Senior Network Support Engineer, Supervisor and Systems Engineer III. I left a high stress, moneyed career and became an end-of-life caretaker to my parents, undergoing a life-changing, humbling and soulful shift. Now, I strive to live in full potential, expression and creativity – I am an author in 4 anthologies, a community/tribe builder, hospital volunteer, Trauma/Addiction/Energy speaker/presenter, Reconnective Healing & Reiki practitioner, TRE facilitator and I design symbolic jewelry.