Path to Healing

Embark on your personal journey towards healing, where you’ll discover your true self and envision the person you aspire to be. This transformative path leads to self-love and provides you with the clarity to cultivate balance and harmony in your life.

Along this path, you gradually unearth the layers of your true self, peeling away the facades and societal expectations that may have obscured your authentic identity. It’s a process of self-discovery, self-acceptance, and self-compassion, where you learn to embrace both your strengths and vulnerabilities.

Life Coaching

About You

As humans, we often perceive ourselves narrowly as physical beings solely bound to the material world. However, our true nature is far more intricate. We are multidimensional beings existing on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual planes concurrently. These dimensions communicate harmoniously to sustain our well-being.

For optimal health, we must recognize the interplay of these facets. Our spiritual essence infuses vitality into our energetic systems, which in turn affects our mental, emotional, and physical states.

When emotions, thoughts, and attitudes become imbalanced, they obstruct the flow of life force energy, leading to physical ailments and energy depletion. Repressed emotions and disharmony disrupt our inner orchestra, resulting in various symptoms, both physical and emotional.

Patricia Hayes, founder of Delphi University, has further developed a holistic healing system that acknowledges the integration of spirit, mind, emotions, and body in the healing process.

This holistic Healing System empowers individuals to embark on a self-healing journey, transforming their thoughts and attitudes to heal their emotions and spirit.

About HealingWorks

Healing System is a non-invasive, preventative, and complementary healing program that expediently, systematically, and individually regenerates, your body, mind,emotions, and spirit.

Who can benefit?

The whole person on all four levels, and it is appropriate for everyone.

HealingWorks can help with:

  • Pain Control
  • Allergies
  • Depression
  • Anxiety and Fear Phobia
  • Prevention
  • Headaches
  • Numbness / no feelings
  • Hypertension
  • Sense of futility
  • Identity Crisis
  • Neck and Back Problems
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Confusion
  • Spiritual Enhancement
  • Fatigue syndrome
  • Arthritis
  • Restful Sleep
  • Rehabilitation
  • Irritating Aches Pains
  • Premenstrual Syndrome
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Heart and Lung Disease
  • Isolation
  • HIV or AIDS
  • Autoimmune disorders
  • Grief Management
  • Pre/Post-Surgical Procedures
  • Pre/Post-Surgical Procedures
  • ADHD

Healing System

This program is a cooperative system that is:

  • Responsive: to respond to a stimulus, to react appropriately.
  • Reflective: thoughtful, deliberate.
  • Regenerative: to change radically and restore to a better, higher, and more worthy state, an act or system of creating again.

Where do I begin?

The Preliminary consultation

In this in-depth consultation, We will:

  • Pinpoint the disturbances throughout each of your energetics systems.
  • Target the life path plans that aren’t working any longer and the reason why.
  • Focus the emphasis and the direction of your holistic regeneration.

After your in-depth consultation. We will begin the process of healing and regeneration by working on three levels with a total of 16 sessions, consisting of approximately 36 hours of treatment.


Our spirit is the sacred dimension of our being, the spark of vital essence which provides our life force. Our soul is that part of our self that is immortal and capable of spiritual growth and development.

Our soul connects us with the awareness of spirit, and provides a sense of meaning, value, and purpose in our lives. It is not necessary to believe in spirit or soul in a conventional or dogmatic way.

We experience our soul when we feel the need to know the meaning of our lives, when we seek to experience something greater, or when we contemplate our own mortality. It is our soul that inspires us to let go of everything in ourselves which needs to die, and open to which needs to be born. Our soul is the heart of our matter.

When we lose contact with Soul and Spirit, we feel isolated, and no longer able to embrace the higher aspects of our being like love, joy, acceptance, forgiveness, compassion, and patience.

A spiritual regeneration aligns you with the sacred dimension of life and the super conscious planes of your mind, in a sacred healing process that inspires a greater sense of value and fulfillment and restores the vitality of your life force.


Our thoughts facilitate our plans. Our emotions provide the vitality of interest and desire. When our thoughts and emotions are disconnected from our spirit, they lose contact with their inspiration and direction.

Our thoughts lose their ability to support our life plans. They become self-critical and self-defeating in their attempts to manage our lives. Our emotions become confused. We feel isolated, depressed, helpless, or angry.

Our thoughts attempt to gain organization and control by repressing our negative emotions. Repressed emotions directly affect healthy, cellular activity and body functions.

Mental and emotional regeneration is a therapeutic process that helps you to release thoughts and feelings of anxiety, stress, fear, guilt, resentment, isolation, futility, and depression that block the flow of life energy.

A renewed spirit of love and peace restores your thoughts and feelings to productive creativity.


We see our bodies as solid flesh but in reality, it is composed of energy. Our physical form is made of molecules. Molecules are made of atoms. Atoms are made of electrons, and electrons are made of life force, countless billions of specks of light energy.

Our physical energetic system consists of our physical body, the most concentrated of our energetic fields, and our vital body. The physical body is an exact copy of our vital body. Just as the lines of force in freezing water are the avenues for ice crystals, so the lines of force in the vital body are crystallized in our physical body and determine its shape.

The highly organized vital body is the builder and restorer of the denser physical body. The vital body is continually rebuilding the tissue and fighting against the decay of the physical body.

In a healthy body, the vibrational patterns of the vital body ensure a strong, physical autoimmune system, one which is fully capable of eliminating germs, microbes and other infections and sources that are detrimental to the health of the physical body.

Physical Regeneration is a therapeutic process of realigning, balancing, and increasing the energy flow of the vital body, preventing potential disease, and restoring the self-healing properties of the physical body.


We live in a changing world. Conventional wisdom can no longer provide what’s needed to live a joyful, healthy, and satisfying life. HealingWorks will help you to discover the complete YOU, by assisting you to understand, unlock and utilize those life force energies that lie within.

Specific steps lead you directly to the healing of your body, mind, emotions, and spirit. For the first time in your life, you will know what it is to be integrated, powerful, loving, directed, and inspired.

Participation in your own sacred healing, and regeneration is life changing.

We can’t wait to assist you in this new journey of consciousness.