Spa Supervisor

Teri comes to us with years of customer service experience.  After owning her own business for 20 years, she has a unique ability to see both sides of any given situation. 

Raised right here in this area for the better part of 60 years, her roots are deep, strong and loyal.  The experiences, struggles, joys, experiences, and lives of her neighbors are of utmost importance to her. 

An avid hiker, she can give you great pointers about places to hike in our area.  Bringing stress reduction, peace, joy and life related education is Teri’s focus.  She wishes to bring peace and serenity to the lives of all whom she comes in contact with. 

After running a high energy construction firm, she understands and appreciates the need for a stress-free life (to the extent that it is possible). 

Teri draws on her life experience and human understanding, to bring tranquility to the world, in hopes that we can all work together to make it a better place.