RoHun™ allows us to connect with the vitality and perception of our Spirit, energizes our Higher Self and renews our minds. RoHun™ is a way of life, a way of dealing with everyday adversities, everyday stress and challenges that come our way. This process deals with the negative emotional circumstances and events, the traumatic and seemingly unimportant happenings that have tainted our perception and negated our belief in self, those that have caused us to sabotage and isolate ourselves from the people and things we desire.


The RoHun™ Process

The RoHun process is a deep exploration of self and self-discovery. This process allows the client to enter areas of blockages and faulty perceptions, eliminating the fault factor and reprogramming faulty patterns to thoughts of love, wisdom, confidence and strength.

How does RoHun™ Work

RoHun™ is a systematic and rapid- acting psychotherapy for personal growth and change. As an energy-based method of healing, uses RoHun™ the electromagnetic fields surrounding the individual to work in a simultaneous, integrated manner with their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. The energy fields of the client and the therapist are joined in creative interaction to bring a deep and insightful change in your consciousness.
Ro-Hun™ can help you:

  • Assist you to relax tension and relieve stress.
  • Help you to forgive and release the past, obtaining new freedom from guilt and resentments.
  • Give you deep and meaningful insight into self.
  • Introduce you to your own creative, intuitive abilities.
  • Awaken your sensitivity to your inner resources.
  • Aid in the development and reinforcement of self-confidence, self-esteem and self worth.
  • Assist you toward a more open expression of self.
  • Increase inner peace and harmony.
  • Give insight into intimate relationships.
  • Increase your understanding and compassion for self and others.
  • Help you become more comfortable with the self and feel stronger about coping with life
  • Enhance self-worth and ability to love self and others.
  • Empower you to be the best that you can be.
RoHun Cards

RoHun™ Card Reading

The RoHun™ Enlightenment and Self-Healing Cards are used to help you to uncover two major blocks that are stopping you from taking your next step.

60 MIN / $130

RoHun™ Cleanse

Skim sessions take place three weeks to one month afterthe purification process.  Deeper issues emerge as you are more capable to face aspects of self with greater directness.

Negative past lives and traumas are held in the unconsciousness will surface and can be released.

This session takes one to one and one-half hours. We recommend every 3 to 4 weeks until  you are cleared and ready to move to the next stage of RoHun.

$300 per Session

RoHun™ Purification Process

In this phase of the process we align the psyche, help the individual shed negative behaviors, attitudes, and feelings about self and others, and resolve persistent  personality problems.

Self- acknowledgement and self-esteem are the goals of the first phase

The healing is highly interactive between you and your therapist, and consists of three sessions of approximately two hours each. Commitment to the entire process is necessary.

This process will help you with:

  • Clears faulty thought patterns that attract negative situations.
  • Awakens your sensitivity to your own inner resources.
  • Balance male and female energy.
  • Opens creative and intuitive centers.
  • Increases peace and harmony with yourself.
  • Help with a deep and meaningful insight of self.
  • Aids with development and reinforcement of self- confidence.
  • Helps you to forgive and release the past, obtaining new freedom from guilt and resentment.
  • Assist you toward a more open expression of self.
  • Increases your understanding   and compassion for self and others.
  • Helps you to become more comfortable with yourself by feeling stronger about coping with life.
  • Open up your heart to give and receive love.

3 Sessions / $900

RoHun Purification

RoHun™ Caged Shadow Process

This stage allows you to access and heal the deep core issues concerning one’s past abuse of power, so you can be able to finally heal the fears preventing them from continuing sabotaging patterns.  By the end of this process you are able to shift to a higher level of awareness, love and acceptance as a loving being.

This transformative healing work consists of four sessions of approximately two hours each.

4 Sessions / $950

RoHun™ Advanced Processes

These are transformative and advanced processes that continue the healing of the subconscious, and expand your awareness to greater states of Light and love in your consciousness. The advanced processes are: The Androgynous Process – male and female healing (three sessions); The Divine Mother, healing issues with the mother (one session); The Origin Process – healing issues with God (two sessions); and The Seven Visions of Self.

3 Sessions / $900

RoHun™ Advanced Processes

In these insightful and transformative processes of RoHun, you see, experience, and understand the underlying negative belief systems upon which you have built your Life. Constructs reveal the mental aspects of these beliefs. Vaults reveal the feeling aspects, and Tanks reveal the deepest form of

Ro-Hun™ is the single most effective and in-depth method of spiritual psychotherapy today:

  • Enlighten Your Thoughts & Feelings.
  • Connect With Your Spirit & Higher Self.
  • Forgive & Release the Past.
  • Clear Faulty Thoughts & Emotions That Attract Negative Experiences and People.
  • Open Your Heart To Better Give & Receive Love.

The in-depth, thorough process taps into the unconscious regions of the mind, bringing to the surface and releasing negative thoughts and emotions. This brings incredible personal and spiritual growth.

Please contact us at 571-284-7612 if  you are interested in the search for Self this journey is for you.