• Akashic Records


Akashic Records Consultant

Gracie specializes in helping clients get unstuck, claim their gifts, heal, and grow. She uses the Records both as a tool for healing and for answers to questions you may have in all areas of life, including health, career, relationships, pets, life purpose, past lives, fears, and abundance.

By connecting with your Record Keepers (kind of like your own soul’s librarians), she is able to receive answers to questions ranging from “Should I stay with my partner?” to “Will I be happier as a carpenter or as a veterinarian?”

If you are experiencing repetitive patterns in your life, beliefs that aren’t serving you, or challenging dynamics with certain people, the Record Keepers are often able to provide insight while healing old wounds, removing contracts that no longer serve you, or helping you disconnect from old patterns. Her passion and purpose is to help you get clarity and finally live the life you were born to live.