Yoni Steaming

Experience the ancient art of yoni steaming at Mystic Flow Wellness Center, a deeply nurturing and holistic practice designed to promote overall well-being and feminine vitality. Our yoni steaming services offer a sacred space for women to reconnect with their bodies and honor their feminine essence.

Yoni Steaming


Yoni Steaming

You only have one body; it deserves special care.  Mystic Flow believes that treating the entire being is far better for your health, than simply “managing” or “keeping up” with your health.  We like to focus on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects.  Women from ALL walks of life, all body types, and all ages benefit from Yoni steaming.  It has been known to help young ladies who have just entered puberty via their menstrual cycle, and through all ages including 70+ year old women who no longer have a menstrual cycle.

This centuries old process combines herbs, steam, and relaxation, creating a “steam” that carries the medicinal benefits of herbs, plants, and mother nature’s essential oils to the vagina and reproductive system. The moist heat opens the pores of the body allowing amazing absorption into your bloodstream and provides a direct healing effect on the reproductive system.  Vaginal tissue has amazing absorption properties.  In fact, it is the most absorbent tissue of the body, therefore providing an excellent method for introducing healing properties to your entire body system.

This ancient practice has been tied through centuries of use to indigenous African peoples, Mayan, Native American, Caribbean, and Asian cultures.  This practice is known by several names, they include (but are not limited to): Yoni Steam Bath, V-Steam, Womb Therapy, Vaginal Steaming, and Womb Sauna.

So many benefits await you.  This ancient process provides a renewed sense of well-being and youthfulness.  Experience the benefits of healing, freshness, sexual vitality, toning, detoxification, and a peaceful state of mind.  Complete pampering in a relaxing, comfortable environment.

Our Yoni specialist is more than happy to speak with you, to answer all your questions and help you feel comfortable and informed.

Benefits of Yoni Steaming

  • Increases the possibility of pregnancy (in some cases)
  • Tone the area after childbirth; helps heal an episiotomy and helps with the C-Section recovery
  • Reduces chronic yeast infections, menopause symptoms and other vaginal related issues.
  • Helps maintain a healthy odor
  • Increases sexual energy
  • Helps aid with PCOS, Uterine Fibroids, Ovarian cysts, muscle weakness in the area, prolapse and endometriosis
  • Decrease vaginal dryness naturally, thereby decreasing the need for toxic lubricating products
  • The benefits reported are both immediate and long term.
  • Increased energy, sexual vitality, and renewed spirits
  • Detoxify your entire body
  • Increase your weight loss potential
  • Reduce the pain, bloating, and exhaustion that often comes with having periods
  • Regulate menstrual cycles