Past Life Regression

​Past Life Regression is for the purpose of assessing your abilities and healing the traumas that are locked in the unconsciousness. The information received in the past life regression is always pertinent and meaningful for your current life bringing understanding and healing to you. 
Past Life

How is it done?

Here’s how past life regression typically works:

  1. Hypnosis or Deep Relaxation: A person seeking to explore their past lives typically engages in a session with a trained therapist or practitioner. During the session, the individual is guided into a state of deep relaxation or hypnosis, which is believed to help access subconscious memories.
  2. Guided Imagery: Under the guidance of the therapist, the person is encouraged to visualize and describe their experiences, often starting with the current life and then gradually moving back in time to explore past lives.
  3. Exploration of Past Lives: In this altered state of consciousness, the individual may describe details about their past lives, such as their name, location, time period, significant events, and relationships. These details are believed to be memories from previous incarnations.
  4. Processing and Healing: The goal of past life regression therapy is often to help individuals gain insights into unresolved issues, phobias, traumas, or recurring patterns in their current life that may be linked to past-life experiences. By understanding and processing these past-life memories, it is believed that healing and personal growth can occur.

60 MIN / $130