• Sound Bath Practitioner
  • Tribal Artist
  • Spiritual Consultant
  • Intitive Healing


Coaching / Healing

Sasha Poafpybitty-Apesanahkwat (Traditional Native American Spiritual Consultant, Sound Bath Practitioner, and Tribal Artist) Sasha Poafpybitty-Apesanahkwat is an enrolled tribal member of the Comanche Nation of Oklahoma.

She is a descendant of 3 prominent Chiefs: Chief Whitewolf, Chief Little Raven, and Chief TenBears. Her grandmother was Sanapia, The Last Comanche Medicine Woman.

She is traditionally born and raised within the Closed Native American culture of her people. Sasha creates an expertly cleansed and protected space for all who wish to reflect and gently release what is no longer serving them.

She believes that we are all able to heal and empower ourselves when we are given a safe space to explore and nurture our divine gifts.