Blood Cleanse

A Blood cleanse is an interactive healing process wherein the healer and client work together to effect change. The cleanse is based on the fact that the blood is the physical carrier of consciousness within the body and that the client’s state of perceptive awareness directly affects the ease or unease that the body experiences. The healer and client together establish an internal flow of light concentrated within the blood cells which infuses and nourishes the entire body. Focusing on love and forgiveness, the client begins to cleanse hardened and hurtful memories. This cleansing opens the way to healing the all-important steam cells, so that new, light-filled cells are birthed, altering old patterns of hurtful cellular memories.

Blood Cleanse

The Blood Cleanse Breakdown

The concept of a “blood cleanse” is a holistic healing approach that combines spiritual and energetic principles with physical well-being. Here’s a breakdown of the key components:

  1. Blood as Carrier of Consciousness: The approach starts with the belief that blood is not just a physical component of the body but also carries a form of consciousness. This suggests a mind-body connection where the state of one’s consciousness can impact the physical health of the body.
  2. Perceptive Awareness: The client’s perception and awareness are seen as crucial factors affecting their overall well-being. This aligns with the idea that one’s thoughts, emotions, and mental state can influence their physical health.
  3. Collaborative Healing: The healing process is described as an interactive and collaborative effort between the client and the healer. Together, they work to effect positive changes in the client’s well-being.
  4. Internal Flow of Light: The process involves establishing an internal flow of “light” within the blood cells. This light is likely a metaphor for positive energy, healing intentions, or spiritual energy that is meant to infuse and nourish the entire body.
  5. Emphasis on Love and Forgiveness: Love and forgiveness are central themes in this approach. The client focuses on these emotions to cleanse hurtful memories, suggesting that emotional and psychological healing is an integral part of the process.
  6. Healing Stem Cells: The blood cleanse is said to have the potential to heal and rejuvenate stem cells within the body. Stem cells are undifferentiated cells with the capacity to become various types of cells in the body. The idea is that by cleansing and revitalizing stem cells, the body can release old patterns of hurtful cellular memories and promote the birth of new, healthy cells.

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