Gift Cards

Mystic Flow gift cards can be purchased in any amount from our offices in Gainesville, VA! Your loved one may use the gift card towards any service, class, workshop, or in our gift shop. Gift cards can be purchased at our center, over the phone, or online.

Gift Card

Gift Wellness

If you know someone that is in need of enhanced relaxation, is sleep deprived or has a weak immune system, give the gift of floatation therapy from Mystic Flow Wellness Center in Gainesville, VA. If someone you know is experiencing body pain, has immunity issues, or maybe lacks energy, buy a gift card and treat them to the benefits of massage therapy. If someone you love has circulation issues, skin issues or trouble relaxing, give them a gift card to Infrared Sauna to help them release toxins, purify their skin and increase their circulation.  

Benefits of Flotation Therapy

  • Enhance relaxation
  • Improve sleep quality 
  • Boost immune system 
  • Increase creativity 

Benefits of Massage

  • Alleviate body pain
  • Enhance immunity 
  • Release endorphins 
  • Increase energy

Benefits of Infrared Sauna

  • Increase circulation
  • Release toxins
  • Purify skin
  • Increase relaxation